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Why do we purchase costly medicines if the same medicines are available at cheaper price?
Dear Citizens,

Day by day prices of the frequently used medicines are sky rocketing and are becoming unaffordable to the common man. This has prompted ‘Prabodhan Goregaon’ as a mission dedicated to provide quality medicines at cheaper rates. In order to facilitate this scheme, we have established ‘Prabodhan Consumer Cooperative Society Ltd.’

This website will make you clear about the enormous difference between the printed MRP of Generic drugs, which is same as Branded drugs and our sale price. Branded and Generic drugs are equivalent in all respects.


Achieve a substantial cost saving by purchasing Generic Drugs from Prabodhan Consumer Cooperative Society’s Prabodhan Aushadhpedhi.

Yours Sincerely,
Subhash Desai
Chief adviser, Prabodhan Consumer Cooperative Society Ltd.


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